Food Storage & Transportation

Keep Your Business Organized with Restaurant Storage and Transport Equipment
It’s essential for any restaurant, cafe, or hotel to keep bulk food sealed in
proper food storage containers to preserve freshness and taste. To keep your food fresh, separated, and ready for transport, use our restaurant food storage & transport products like insulated carriers, plastic boxes, and ice buckets. Our dinnerware storage and transport supplies are also helpful for caterers and high-volume businesses. We have a wide selection of shelving and racks that will help you organize your storage room, warehouse, or pantry. Some of our restaurant storage racks are even mobile, making it easy to rearrange heavy produce and stock. If you need to move even larger items, be sure to check out our hand trucks, dollies, and platform trucks. Our bussing carts help your staff deliver multiple meals at a time or clean up large tables when guests are done. If you’re catering an event, our beverage service carts will allow you to serve customers their favorite cocktails and mixed drinks. We even offer restaurant storage carts for luggage and presentation carts for conferences at your hotel! Be sure to equip your cleaning staff with janitor’s carts, cleaning pails, and laundry carts to help them transport and organize supplies. If you need to organize your warehouse or shipping center, our industrial storage lockers, receiving desks, and scales will make your space more efficient for your job.

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